August 22, 2019


March 23, 2016

Elmwood Park's new medical marijuana dispensary could be open to patients as soon as next month, pending the results of a state inspection of the facility.

During a March 22 tour of the business, Jared Boyar, agent in charge for Floramedex, 7955 W. Grand Ave., said the dispensary could open during the first week in April if all goes well with the facility's final inspection. Following a successful inspection, Floramedex could then begin purchasing medical marijuana from state-approved cultivators.

"[The state inspection] is on March 28," Boyar said. "The state sends us our agent cards, then we can accept delivery [of medical marijuana]. Once we accept the delivery, everything is put into Biotrack, which is the inventory system the state uses. Hopefully we can open the first week of April. If not, the second week. We're very, very close."

According to Boyar, he and his partners have put approximately $800,000 worth of work into the building, which includes strict security measures.

Upon entering the dispensary, patients and those interested in learning about medical marijuana will find a public area, which Boyar said was not allowed by the state until recently.

"We can conduct symposiums in here as well as, if patients want to join the program, we can afford that [service] to them at this location," Boyar said.

Only those holding medical marijuana prescription cards, however, will be allowed further entry into the facility. Once a card is scanned, patients will enter a secure room to meet a security officer, who will validate the prescription and allow entry into the showroom.

Inside the showroom, patients can find out what products are in stock and use touch screen computers to learn more about the different types of medical marijuana.

"It shows all the properties of medical cannabis and tells you exactly what it does for you," Boyar said. "I think we're ahead of other dispensaries with the research that we have. Patients can scroll through, see what we have in stock and if there's something they want to purchase they let us know. We take that order to the fulfillment vault and they pay at the counter."

After leaving the showroom, patients awaiting public transportation or another type of ride can wait inside the facility in a public lounge near the front door. The waiting room was designed to cut down on possible loitering outside the facility.

Among those walking through Floramedex during the open house were members of the Elmwood Park fire and police departments, village staff and Village President Angelo "Skip" Saviano, who said he was impressed with the facility.

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